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Wanderings of an Eclectic Mind

24 September
Who am I and what have I done...wow...let's see, I have travelled many miles, actually lived long enough to drive 1 million miles some vehicles way better than others, I have been a US Marine (female type), a truck driver, a counsellor for disturbed youth, a teacher, a welfare worker, an office manager, a caretaker, mother of 3, wife of ONE(41 years)it ain't easy! Part time I have worked in retail stores and gift shops, usually to grab a little extra money at holidays, or to pay nagging bills, currently I work for the world's largest employer, and I can attest to why many folks have worked for them but don't any more! The very best job was working with the youthful offenders, in the wilderness, and watching young boys transform into fairly responsible men. Moving about the country with my husband offered the chance to meet many wonderful people, learn from each of them, donnnnnn't know if it was the nuns or my brother who shared a little axiom, learn the best, ignore the rest, which helps filter the vast amounts of infomation that wander into ones life...I read everything from novels and phone books to cereal boxes and canned veggies! I have an IQ of 169, and I am the "dumb" one in my family...the artistic tendencies, didn't motivate me to do something wonderful with my life, though 3 nice adult children should count for something!